Is this true? Image recognition, dalle 3, bing and code interpreted all in the same chat

There is a video on YouTube from today discussing an OpenAI announcement that I couldn’t find anywhere else. The forum won’t allow me to publish the link, but the video’s description is provided above. The summary is that OpenAI has announced features like image recognition, DALL-E 3, Bing integration, and code interpretation, all in the same chat interface, and that these are being rolled out. I haven’t found any official announcements about this. Is this true?

"30 de out. de 2023

Today we’re taking a look at Open AI’s new update to ChatGPT, and what some are calling the Death of 10,000 AI Startups. But why? And is that True? Well, yes and no. The update is pretty awesome, and certainly is going to knock a few products out of the marketplace, but the update still has a few hurdles to cross as well. I’m also taking a look at the other big news story in the LLM world: Namely that Google has just invested a few billion dollars into Anthropic, the creators of Claude. But why would they do so, considering they’re so close to the launch of Gemini?"

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Since I can’t post the link, just to clarify in case it wasn’t clear, I’m not talking about using these features by switching between different chat sessions; that was already announced at the end of September. I’m talking about using what was announced at the end of September in the same chat session.

I saw a YouTuber sharing his screen one hour ago, and he was accessing the feature. So, it seems that OpenAI is silently rolling it out.

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Sounds exciting. I’m very interested to see how this all works together. Dall-E and the Image Reading tool will be an epic combination :drooling_face: there’s some other hidden secrets as well (apparently). Tiered ChatGPT premium pls

I think we are in for a couple of interesting weeks! :flight_departure:

It’s certainly annoying to have to choose between three useful features at the beginning of a conversation, when you have no real idea where you’re going to go with it. being able to have all three would be good.

But the value of premium is best restored by going back to a model that can remember information from more than two previous prompts. There’s been a drop in functionality in the past few weeks and it’s starting to make me wonder if it’s worth the money.

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