Is this a rate limit issue?

I don’t know if this is the right section to post a question on this, please move this post is that is the case.

What I have noticed, is that if I make a series of calls to the text completion API; For example, one to transcribe, one to summarize and finally one to determine the sentiment.

I will frequently get a connection error doing so. Is this caused by a rate limiter?

The error should say if you are being rate limited or not. Generally, the errors are simple to read.

That said, I do not have rate limit issues, unless I have code that simultaneously calls API 50 times or so.

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As someone else pointed out, the error would explicitly say that it was a rate error. A connection error is likely due to a high demand and the API server not responding.

If you are having problems with rate errors as well, the open ai website has samples for a backoff wrapper that would help mitigate that issue

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