Is the OpenAI Code Interpreter for Python only?

The name Code Interpreter suggest that the model/plugin will work with any source code. In reading the documentation it notes

An experimental ChatGPT model that can use Python

Since I currently do not have access to the Code Interpreter can someone confirm that as of today (05/25/2023) this is the only programming language that works with Code Interpreter.

Yes. That is the only available language.

Even in the future it will almost certainly be limited to interpreted languages like JavaScript, Julia, Perl, PHP, Python, R, and Ruby.


Can you provide screenshot(s) of enabling it and it being used so that we have a better understanding of what it can do and how it works?

I can put this in a new topic if you prefer?

I could actually see a CodePen style C++ working, but you make a good point.

here are two posts to show the ability, but in Chinese, try use translation and hope it would be help.

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They could absolutely also do compiled languages too, it’s just a much more complicated process since there are so many different toolchains.

I expect many plugins will be developed which allow for the execution of code in an arbitrary choice of languages.

I wrote a plugin for R Studio to allow for GPT-4 to run R code it wrote, run unit tests against that code, compile the code (after being run through a linter), results, and any error messages, then resubmit everything back to GPT-4.

It iterates up to three times or until it’s completely successful.

Then it comments and documents the code.

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