Is reset parameter available in the api call to gpt-3.5?

I would like to run the following api call repeatedly and get the same response to each api call:
def generate_code(prompt):
openai.api_key = api_key
response = openai.Completion.create(


return response['choices'][0]['text']

The above function returns some python code. When I run the function repeatedly I get different responses because gpt-3.5 is holding over some state from the previous api call. I do not want gpt-3.5 to hold over state from my previous requests. I would like to use “reset=True” to prevent any state holdover but chatgpt3.5 informs me that the reset argument to the api call is NOT available in gpt-3.5.

So to make a long story short, is the “reset” argument in my above api call in gpt-3.5?

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The GPT models are stateless, a reset command would do nothing. If you wish to have a more deterministic response to a given prompt, set the temperature=0