Is "OpenAI © 2015 – 2023" not updated to 2024?

To whom it may concern,

Is OpenAI copyright not updated to 2024?
I see “OpenAI © 2015 – 2023” at the bottom.

Thank you!


Sangbum Kim

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The copyright is still in effect. The site is just not updated. Thank you for reminding us of this! :laughing:


It makes sense if you read it as “content entered into copyright 2023 by publication, and protected by law for 95+ years after that”.

You can read about an interesting history (before now everything creative automatically being protected by copyright) where some films had no copyright protection because they didn’t properly display any notice.


You are welcome! Thank you for clarifying. :slight_smile:

Okay, I will look up for more details about the history.
Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile: