Is my friend correct about worrying about this

What does it mean when you type something and ChatGtp replies “message removed” and this violates our content policy? Specifically, my friend was using chatgtp to discuss with it how to report dangerous sites and content containing children and it replied with that message, they weren’t encouraging or generating content that involved danger to children, they were just asking how to report such content they found on other sites, I guess they flagged them because they asked “I am concerned about sites containing content with nude children, how can I report them?” And the words “nude” and “children” together made the program worried, and my friend knows that OpenAI reports people using their program to generate or encourage that kind of content involving children to an organization involved in missing and exploited children, but like I mentioned, my friend wasn’t encouraging or generating that kind of content with ChatGTP, they were simply asking it how to report them to authorities, and now my friend is extremely paranoid about getting arrested for a crime they didn’t commit, should they be concerned about this? And to clarify, they didn’t go on any site containing that type of content, they were just presenting it with a hypothetical scenario and question regarding this