Is my custom API safe from my own GPT in Public?

Hi there, i create a new GPT for ASTROLOGY, this use a API public from my own:

I have a doubt about the protections from attacks and what ever else can any do with the information give the GPT as public.

Anyone can test this and too, talk about the protections of the instructions, i don’t know if today have problem with the instructions and if some genius already can to get back this instructions.


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Here is my conversation. It’s very interesting

@mikeolivera thank you! Wow! I never thought someone would share the transcript to test it with me.

Well, the situation is that you give AstroGPT the time as a “close” text of your birth time, but to retrieve a real birth chart, GPT needs a time exactly, like: 12:15 p.m.

And another problem I have is that after receiving the time, the GPT usually converts 12:00 p.m. m. to UTC time (maybe 2:00 PM or 3:00 PM, depending on the location where you were born). But when you pass it as text you can see that he didn’t realize it.

But its great! thanks for sharing!

Maybe I should default to English GPT?

I think so, because i forgot to reply in english and i think it’s a bit harder for you to understand the output jajaja
if you want more examples i can share your ASTRO GPT to some friends whose like to read their horoscope

Of course @mikeolivera, share it!

I also do some updates and now can speak English/Spanish and can understand the user’s first language and speak in this language.

The last update will be a list of more “technical” options to help the user!

  • Sun, Moon, Asc, Asc Ruler, position by houses, sign and aspects.
  • Stelliums and preponderance in some quadrant.


@mikeolivera UPDATE! This GPT have over 500 chats!

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wow! i really love it! i will test it again!
did you train it with only a prompt or does it get data from an API?
i haven’t read anything about the plugins yet. :frowning:

Yes @mikeolivera i using my own API to get the postion of the houses and other astros, but all the analysis is by ChatGPT with one correct and customized prompt, nothing more.

Can you get me a review for this GPT and maybe yours frind too, i will be soo glad, maybe this GPT can get up in the top position! Thanks!