Is it possible to stream large text as input to the ChatGPT API?

To one of my question related to using a document or a set of documents as context of a chat conversation, ChatGPT responded as follows.

You can also use the API’s streaming capabilities to process large amounts of text . The OpenAI API supports streaming input, which allows you to send text to the API in smaller chunks over time, rather than sending all the text at once. This can be useful when working with large amounts of text, as it can help you avoid hitting the input length limit.

I couldn’t find any such information for the documentation. Is it true that we can stream input text?

Also another interesting option ChatGPT gave is -
One option is to store the data in a cloud storage service, such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage. You can upload the data to the cloud storage service and then grant the OpenAI API access to the data using credentials or access keys. When you make a query to the API, the API will retrieve the data from the cloud storage service and process it.

This also seems to be not real.
Please suggest!


You should really not try to use ChatGPT as a technical reference for “recently technologies” because ChatGPT will simply make up (hallucinate) a reply, as you have found out.

You can stream input to the OpenAI API. Streaming is currently only for the output (response back from the API).