Is it possible to retrieve images in retrieval docs in the ai assistant response message?

I am trying to get images used in a source doc from a template to include in a response my assistant gives to the user. I am able to get all the text content but the response is not including any images. Is this possible? Thanks!!

Basically, you cannot download the files you uploaded for retrieval. Only the files generated by Code Interpreter, etc. can be downloaded.

Is the image within the file (not the file itself) used in retrieval? I am thinking perhaps if it is possible to tell the code interpreter to lift the image…

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Yes the image file is inside the Google Doc, any ideas how it could be retrieved :)n @supershaneski

You could build your own API that uses existing google doc retrieval code to pull back images and then return that image directly, i.e. build a relay server, it presents an API endpoint for your application to authenticate with and pass your the address of the image, you then use that address via google doc libraries to access the image, cache the image locally and serve it to your API endpoint for return to the assistant.