Is it possible to give a "status" to a chat dialog?

Assume that we have achieved the following chat using prompt engineering and fine tuning.

ASSISTANT: We are accepting reservations for visits to our store. Could you tell me the date and time and number of people? (Status: Greetings)
USER: At 6pm on October 18th, there are 3 people.
ASSISTANT: Your reservation has been accepted. We will inform you later in the chat box, so please wait for a moment. (Status: Booking confirmation)
USER: got it.
O'Shields Cafe
▼Date and time
October 18th, 6pm
▼Number of people
3 people
(Status: Send reservation details)

Conversation flow alone is not enough to obtain a status like the one above, so there is no trigger for the system to send a message. Is there a way to give a status to the conversation flow or get a trigger that causes the system to send a message?

You can do better than having the AI make up some reservation. You can have the AI interface and interact with your appointment database so it can actually check for available times and answer questions, interview people, and reserve the appointment times. This would be done thru API function calling.

And yes, when you return a value confirming to the AI that an appoint has been booked and it can report such to the chatbot customer, it also could emit some notification.

That is with the API where you can develop your own products. With ChatGPT you’re just chatting to an AI that has nothing to do with functions or a fine-tune model.

Thank you for your reply. I will consider whether I can implement the system using function calling. Thank you.