Is it possible to generate a URL to a specific message? (not a Shared Link. For personal use)

I’m building some simple automations for indexing and searching my full chat transcripts offline based off of chatgpt export payloads.

I’m able to do rapid full text search on the raw markdown text on the backend, and then I was hoping to generate links (e.g., however, in the app, the HTML structure of the messages only has a data-message-id attribute to identify a given message, not an id attribute, which I could use the URL to zero in on.

So it would appear that I cannot make this happen (reconstruct a personal use URL to pull up a specific message within a conversation) without building a trivial browser extension, here’s all the code it needs:


Before I go ahead and implement such a browser extension for like 3 different browsers does anyone know of a built in method to do this?

In the meantime I am going to experiment with the #:~:text= browser built in functionality which appears to work well. It is not perfect however:

  • on first open, there is a Tips for Getting Started modal dialog that prevents this from working, but it’s not too bad since it only affects the first open
  • I have to take care to use a matching string segment for some text content that will be both unique and rendered unchanged, so since lots of custom stuff happens for code and other markdown structures I cannot just put a whole message into this