Is it cool if we launch on Bing Plugin store?

I know the Microsoft team has been reaching out to gauge interest from plugins that could be integrated into Bing.

Does anyone know if there’s a conflict with deploying on both or if OpenAI has a policy against launching on both?


Microsoft and OpenAI seems to be teammates, so it’s unlikely that there is a policy like that. In my opinion, you are safe to develop a plugin for both platforms.

There is no conflict at all, the plugin tooling was made so that your plugin can work with multiple providers, see the service level auth example here: OpenAI API


Have you been in touch with Microsoft / Google about this? Any way to easily launch on their platform as well?

just microsoft, i believe they are announcing details about it tomorrow.

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Hey, I’ve seen the announcements from Bing today and what is not clear to me is whether ChatGPT plugins will automatically be available on Bing Chat or there is something we need to do or request from our side? Thanks in advance!

They won’t, you’ll have to integrate with Bing afaik.

They’ll release more information as they get closer to launch, this was a pre-announcement I wouldn’t expect us to be able to launch any plugins for at least 2mo, maybe longer.

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