Is it against terms of service using unofficial chatgpt api?

Hello everyone, I’m seeking a definitive answer regarding the use of the ChatGPT (web) unofficial API in my application. I have an idea that could greatly benefit from ChatGPT, but due to current API costs, I’m unable to implement it. Instead, I came up with an idea for my application, which involves allowing ChatGPT web users to log in through an embedded browser within my application and then send messages on their behalf programmatically. I’m struggling to find an official answer regarding whether this is allowed or not. Can this approach be used for personal projects, and what about commercial applications?

Of course it’s not allowed.

What You Cannot Do

Automatically or programmatically extract data or Output (defined below).

There is no “unofficial” API for ChatGPT either. You can’t just embed it on your page, or interact with it without using some sort of automation software.

If you want to use the API you need to pay for it.

Of course it’s an api, everything we use is with an api… that’s why I said unofficial. However thanks for the answer. I hope they change this in the future, not everyone can afford these api costs. Similar to how google lets you login for other websites, I hope OpenAI does the same for chatgpt.

Calling it an “unofficial” API is just simply beating around the bush. It’s meant to only be consumed by ChatGPT. You cannot interact with it, so you are trying to use ChatGPT to act as an intermediate layer. This does not make it “unofficial”. This is like saying stealing candy from a baby is an “unofficial” way to get free candy

This will never happen. If you want to use their resource you need to pay for it. If you want other people to pay for the service you need to charge them for it.

If your idea is to provide a free service that will benefit humanity (see: not your pocket) you can try reaching out to OpenAI or companies that may find use for it and offset your costs that way.

Can I ask why you say this will never happen? What makes you so sure?

Because they offer an “official” API and, as already mentioned it’s against their terms of service to do what you want to do.

In fact, once upon a time they actually went after somebody for creating these types of bypasses.

I have a feeling you’ll end up going to this repo and using the bypasses anyways. Oh well.

I think the key point in that article is " You can clone the repository, set up the chatbot locally on your PC, and interact with GPT-4 without paying for [OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus](What is ChatGPT Plus? Everything we know so far | Digital Trends) service."

I don’t see what the issue would be allowing someone who is already PAYING monthly for plus, to be able to do this (my idea not stealing other companies api usage of openai). I can see the argument being made against free accounts, sure.

I have a feeling you’ll end up going to this repo and using the bypasses anyways. Oh well.

I’m aware of GPT4free and am against what it does, not sure why you’re being so combative in your response lol?

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I’ll repeat it for a third time: It’s against their terms of service. There’s nothing more to be said.

Because you have been given a clear as day response and are trying to justify how you feel instead of simply understanding that it’s not allowed.

ChatGPT is expected to be used in ChatGPT. You cannot jimmy it up to your website and use their resources so it’s cheaper for you.

I get it, you don’t want to pay for the API and are thinking “if the user is already paying, what’s the difference?”. The difference is that you want to use ChatGPT for your service. There are options. Create a GPT if you want, create a plugin. It’s very simple: it must be used inside of ChatGPT.

What you want is not allowed. If you want to use it for your services you need to pay for it yourself, or pass the cost to the user.

I do understand the current rules and that its now allowed, for that thanks. However I can express my opinion regarding new feature changes that I think would be great, for both users and developers. Now whether it will happen or not is another topic, maybe it can spark some dialog, or a OpenAI worker might see this and give it some thought.

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Completely fair. I never intended to say you cannot express yourself. I am just expressing myself as well in telling you that from my experience and from the evidence, this will never happen.

They already offer an API service that you can use. There are start-up programs and ways to offset costs.

You can also create GPTs and Plugins that other subscribed members can use free of additional costs.

Can you maybe expand more on this, where can I find more details?

I do know of GPTs and plugins, and my idea doesn’t differ much from this aspect. In fact, it would further expand the possibilities of what can be accomplished. One significant aspect is that it could be a great way for people who can’t afford the API to introduce new innovations, whether to benefit humanity or for other purposes entirely. Imagine a simple “Login with ChatGPT Plus” feature that you could add to your website or custom application. This feature could enable functionalities beyond what traditional plugins or GPTs offer, opening up new opportunities for customization and innovation.

Yes there are a number of start-up programs. Some services such as Azure offer a simple one-time credit for getting started. There are some programs that offer OpenAI credits as well:

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