Is GPT-3 the ideal tool for creating personalize strength training programs?

I’m not an engineer so I apologize in advance is my question is dumb.

I’m trying to figure out if GPT-3 is ideal for creating personalized strength training programs (after fine-tuning).

Custom strength training programs are currently being delivered by professional coaches or companies based on user inputs such as training goal, experience, equipment availability, time, age, etc. (eg: Barbell Medicine) After the survey is completed, the product is usually a program that is ~8 to 12 weeks long, ~3 to 6 workout days per week, with prescriptions for exercise, sets, reps and progression (e.g., increase next week’s weight by 5lb if you succeed this week).

The most common form programs like this is delivered is Google Sheets with formulas for weights to use and progressions. For example, 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler is a popular powerlifting program on r/fitness and, while it’s not personalized, is a good reflection of what the structure of these programs might look like (Google sheets link)

The training data I’d like to feed into AI would be 1) sample workout programs that professionals have made in the past and 2) ideally I could feed it books / blog posts so that GPT-3 can utilize some general programming best principles.

Is GPT-3 the best way to do this? If so, how would you fine tune it? If not, what do you think is a better solution?


The short answer is no - it does not intrinsically know enough on its own without structure around it. An expert training and dietician does a lot more than just make meal plans and exercise routines. You’ll also need a feedback mechanism to integrate additional information, such as how the user feels, any medical concerns, injuries, and so on.

Then you need to make sure that this information is correctly integrated and used.

That being said, all the necessary components are there - a super smart LLM, semantic search, etc. Wiring it up into a product that will be safe, reliable, scalable, and profitable is a whole other ballgame.

Thanks for the thoughtful answer. Yes, the feedback mechanism seems to be the primary challenge.

We don’t need to create a product that is 100% automated. The way I’m imagining this working is the AI generating a program that is let’s say 90% correct and a professional can make edits to it based on their experience. The goal isn’t to replace a coach as much as augmenting one (since they are currently time constrained).

PS. Great YouTube videos!

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