Is finetune is working or how it's working?

i have fineuned the gpt model by using below jsonl

{“prompt”:“Find users who live in Rochester ###”,“completion”:" His name is Erica Paolicelli and he is co owner president in Three Brothers Wineries & Estates END"}
{“prompt”:“Find users who live in Hammondsport ###”,“completion”:" His name is Fredrick Frank and he is President and CEO in Dr. Frank’s Vinifera Wine Cellar END"}

And i use that model to check the result but still i am not getting a completion what i am given in my josnl file to train

i dont’t know what’s wrong or i didn’t get that how finetune works

Basically i want to achive like i have a spreadsheet that contain many contacts details so i want to train that data to gpt and make as a chatbot like example

GPT: What kind of information you are looking for?

Human: I am looking for some contact which was stored from 2017.

GPT: Ok i have around 10 Contact in my data base from the year 2017 to till date.

Human: I am looking for all the contacts in LA area.

so finally list all data that contacts in LA area.
please let me know how to achive this