Is ChatGPT useful for me as a horror writer?

I’ve been playing with ChatGPT, feeding it short scenario prompts, learning how to get it to write what I want it to write. I’m so impressed that when my trial credits ran out, I signed up. The problem is, I am a professional psychological and erotic horror writer, and the ChatGPT system is so prudish that almost everything I feed it either gets twisted to give it a wholly unwanted and unrequested “happy ending” spin where everyone learns a lesson about friendship, or it flatly scolds me for writing violent badthink.

I’m a grown-up, my readers are grown-ups, and everything I write is legal and openly distributed. Is there any way to turn off the constant censorship? What’s especially annoying is that it’s literally thoughtcrime. Exactly the same scenario which is totally acceptable gets flagged as inappropriate if I add a thought about the character enjoying it.

If I can’t turn off the censorship, ChatGPT is almost useless to me.

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This is a problem I’ve encountered as well