Is ChatGPT API actually getting worse?

Sorry, @RonaldGRuckus

It’s not really a good use of our time to debate back and forth with you when. you continue to post your opinions and assumptions as fact.

By whose definition?

Yours, of course @RonaldGRuckus

That is the core issue here. Whatever “you assume” and “you think” you offer as “hard facts”

I have written a Playground, and it is “much more than a UI” as you have stated @RonaldGRuckus, showing again, that you do not understand coding as much as you think. The API does not manage state. The Playground manages both user session and dialog state. It also may well add additional moderation and filtering to protect the OpenAI brand, as I keep saying but you keep rejecting.

I have not updated the topic above (busy coding), but it is more feature rich than before, including a
both chatbots, completion-api-based an chat-api-based:

I can assure you, @RonaldGRuckus that writing a full-blown chatbot app, playground or not, is not just writing UI code. The UI code is trivial (for a Rails developer like me).

Sorry, it’s pointless to continue this topic @RonaldGRuckus because you are wrong, but you think you are right and make so many assumptions based on “what you think” versus what is “a fact” that it’s not a good use of our time to continue, since I am almost sure next you will tell me you have written a “full blown playground”, blah blah, and you know all about that as well.

Take care.