Is anybody else unable to use their chatgpt?

same problem in Australia. The UI suddenly turns grey. I tried all deviced only stuck if i logged in to my account

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same in Switzerland… helppppp

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Same in Canada! Nothing’s working!

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ok now it’s down again, I guess I got lucky

sweden back online, she told me that she missed me so much


Same here, Can’t go to website at all


Same in Portugal. Not working

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it works on my whone rightnow but still not working on lapyop, my broswer is google, also i tried safari is not working either

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Still not working on laptop in California. Works on an Android phone tho.

Tried again right after posting et voila! She’s working again.

Snaggy for me right now - hoping my simple vivabot will be usable for my students before their viva.

All working now thankfully!