Is a gpt3 subject specific chatbot not allowed in a production application?

I’m reading the usage guidelines and I came cross to this

  • Chatbots that claim to have special wisdom/insight/knowledge, unless very clearly labeled as being for entertainment purposes only.

Im building a chatbot that answers a questions on a specific subject. I hope someone can clear this up to me. Thank you

I suspect the intention of this was to be some kind of anti-religious/spirituality/oracular chatbot. For instance, you wouldn’t want to put a chatbot in that claimed to know people’s futures or had messages from deities for them. Otherwise, I think that purpose-built chatbots are fine. I know someone who wants to build a chatbot specifically for horror entertainment. I think that could pass muster.


Thanks! That confused me haha!

My chatbot already predicted you would… :wink:

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