Introducing Custom Versions GPTs

Hi :wave: All

please suggest

I am a plus user and tried getting access to GPTs that is announced but it says this feature is not available to me.

am I missing something ?

thank you :pray:


I’m seeing the same error. I’m assuming they only rolled out to some of the users.


I checked twitter lots of people have this, but I am not clear exact when will it be rolled out this week or few weeks is what’s out there. only the ones that were invited for demo day got this invite access

I’m eager as well to build a GPT model for social impact in journalism, education, and healthcare. Are there any waitlists that I have to sign upto? I am already a plus user for almost as long as its been around. Thanks!

Hi :wave: , in GPTs configuration settings the instructions are set to 8000 characters, please help what can I do to have more ?