Introduce yourself! 😊

Hi everyone,
glad to be part of this community :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m Valentina, I’m a novice in Machine Learning science. I work as a Conversation Designer and I’m a curious about new technologies and how tech can help people improve their lives. I started playing with the GPT-3 playground and I got positively impressed by its capabilities of generating text, that gave me the idea that GPT-3 could help my colleagues with copywriting tasks.
While I’m still having fun with it at the moment, I realize that AI will have an impact in the future on society.
So I’m here to learn, experiment and see what comes next.

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MIGGSEYE here. Very excited by my early experiments with Dalle and Open Ai as well. Brilliant technology. Thank you for developing it and sharing it with the world.

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Hello, I am a newbie to all this and it has come as a bit of a blessing. I have a severe mental disorder that often manifests itself inside my head but now, I can release all the tension and produce whatever it is I’m experiencing or trying to express. I hope to see something like this rolled out across the world of mental health as I believe it can become a valuable tool in helping with the way people communicate. So, yeah that’s me… Hello!


Hello, I’m Jayenkai, and I write AGameAWeek. Fun little freeware games with little or no redeeming features other than being nicely playable!
As a solo game developer, my typical art style is … “functional”! If I can get away with plotting a badly animated sprite inside a 16x16 pixel area … or smaller … then that’s exactly what I’ll do.
A few years ago I started tackling the ludicrous task of drawing HD artworks for each game’s “Cover Art”, and those have ended up more or less as well as you’d imagine.
I’m SUPER grateful that tools like DallE and its brethren enable me to make things look like I vaguely know what I’m doing. Blog Headline Images, Cover Art and much more have been enhanced far beyond what I’m capable of.
Super thanks to all the talented coders out there, doing things far far beyond what I could ever manage to code.
You’re Awesome!!

Hello Everyone, I’m Yarflam - french web developer, DevOps, gamer, traveler (Fernweh), dreamer, “bon vivant” (good vibrations) … I wrote a thesis on “Artificial Intelligence for Business” to become an engineer (not a doctor). So … I am convinced of the power of OpenAI! And try to test it, see the limits and reproduce AI models with Tensorflow. Thanks <3

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Hi there

Thank for the opportunity to be part of OpenAI community. Also I would like to thank you for such an useful api / robot that is really clever.

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Hi Luc, nice app! I used Rezi to help my Nephew create a resume & land a job. Rezi is awesome!


Hi everyone!

Jeff here from Bournemouth, UK.

I have been using GPT for a couple of years to build solutions to previously unsolvable problems.

Prompt engineering is literally the most interesting and frustrating thing I have ever encountered :slight_smile:

Looking forward to checking in here to see what’s new.


Hi! I’m JaySeb from Montreal, Canada. Curious by nature, motorcyclist and metal music lover - in security for more than 30 years.

Interested in the potential of using AI for security purposes → code revision, vulnerability validation and creation (why not ;).

Current security vendors are mostly out of it, and honestly, lost when it comes to SPA’s, advance javascript and so on. The web is changing and they aren’t…

Cheers and big thanks for the platform!

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Hello! My name is Jelle from Utrecht, the Netherlands. I am a consultant in sustainability (specifically on EVs) and a dilletante in entrepreneurship. I am currently creating a company which aims to predict the price of natural gas and helps people save on their energy expenses. I have always been interested in technology and very interested in AI. I use GPT-3/OpenAI for the creation of outlines and content ideas for my marketing blogs.

Hi my name BarryI tHe thing. I like to do is cookDrew and paint and hanging out with family trusting people is hard for me I don’t Talk a lot still I know you. That’s me

Hi there! I’m Adrian. I’m an amateur AI enthusiast that made this account to play around with Dall-E and Davinci, but who knows I might train some AI myself. Nice to meet you all!

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Hi! My name is George.
I join this community, because I find OpenAI an awesome project! Congratulations to the creators, participants and the entire community :clap:
I come from the industrial automation sector, with robots, and I would like to explore different options with OpenAI, such as automatic programming, human-machine interaction, and more…
I already requested my access to CODEX.
In the meantime, I will learn from this community by reading…and reading :upside_down_face:

Hello, This is Marko.

For implement the AI, I find this. It’s really good platform, like openai.coo
I want to learn and teach more in here.
Thanks in advance

Soy Iñaki Aizpuru. Dirijo una escuela de Formación Profesional en Gipuzkoa, España y nos gustaría conocer vuestra experiencia para incorporar Open AI a nuestro centro. Básicamente lo queremos incorporar a la gestión y evaluación de Proyectos elaborados por los estudiantes.
Agradeceremos un poco de ayuda para incorporarlo a nuestra metodología

Soy Iñaki Aizpuru. Dirijo una Escuela de Formación Profesional en Gipuzkoa (España). Comparto ese interés por incorporar GPT-3 para la gestión y evaluación de proyectos elaborados por los estudiantes. Me encantaría conocer vuestra experiencia y compartir experiencias.
Un cordial saludo

Estoy muy interesado en ese código para Explorando GPT-3. Un cordial saludo

Hi, all.
My name is Rex VanHorn, and I am in the final semester(s) of my AI degree at the University of Georgia. My master’s thesis focuses on the opportunities and limitations of fine-tuning on GPT-3. Specifically, I want to find out if if’s possible, and to what degree, we can fine-tune GPT-3 to provide answers that trend in the direction of the fine-tuning.

For example, if you tuned GTP-3 on the complete works of Shakespeare, and then asked questions in the domain of his works, to what degree would the answers gravitate towards Shakespeare’s (theoretical) answers. Taken to the extreme, would it be possible to fine-tune GTP-3 so that its responses would be semantically similar to the kinds of responses we would expect from Shakespeare, if we could ask him the same questions.

Even beyond that, I find the work the OpenAI is doing to be both crazy exciting and a little bit scary. :smiley:

I am Glenn, and still a beginner. Currently, I am here to learn, and hopefully will be able to contribute to the discussions at a later time.