Introduce yourself! 😊

Hi Nicolas,

My email address is

And please feel free to schedule a quick call with me at Calendly - Huan Li after you send the email!

You are welcome, and have a great day!


Hi im melody dawn rose wright… you can call me melly. I just joined the waiting list. I honestly had a hard time choosing which option best suited me fpr why i wanted acess… im a professional artist, an aspiring content creator… and with a background in both psychology and art with failed dreams of being an art therapist… due to realising i have my own severe mental disabilities (severe anxiety, depression and schizopherenia) when i found out about this program i realised if i had acess to it I wanted to conduct some social experiments with people using this amazing program to compare ai art with human art made with the same concept prompts or words relating to emotions, psychology, philosophy… words that are in one way or another semi universal in sparking human emotions and inspiration and gather feedback from participants on various social media groups n platforms. I wanna explore how art throughout our entire human history has told our stories, culture, morals, taboos, dreams and fears and has been used to both inspire for the greater good and nefarious motives and has always been something unique to humans… and now we have advance tech ever advancing and the whole fear and anticipation of ai and how now ai can create art like us and where do we go from here? If ai becomes sentient… will they choose to tell their stories through art? … its amazing…
I did try to present my idea as a reaserch application as well but I only have access to professional psychologists (as a very well known popular patient myself) that can help guide me formatting proper studies that will produce the most accurate and useful data, I’m not one myself. I also wanna explore how art styles in images can influence reactions… and I want people to guess which images are ai and what is human. II’mtotally sure id get rejected since im not an actual professional myself but i thought id shoot my idea by you guys anyway incase it would an area of research youd be interested in. but I’m willing to wait for access i just thought ide give it a shot lol. . this technology is absolutely amazing and I love the idea of ai generating a aethetically pleasing art that’s origional and can potentially be just convincing and moving as a human.

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Hi Tony–I am working on a startup that is utilizing Codex, with some use cases in banking. Please feel free to message me, and I’d be happy to chat with you and show you a demo of what we have built so far!

Hello guys!
I’m building conversational chatbots with context-following features.

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Hello everyone! I’m a professional working artist experimenting with new media. While I work with traditional artistic mediums (I’m trained as an illustrator), I absolutely fascinated by AI and how it builds new ideas.

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That’s cool. You’ve tried Dalle-2? @keelydolan

Hello! I’m Alejandro Córdoba, I’m a systems engineer and designer who currently works as the creative director for Tres Astronautas, a custom software development company. I’m really excited to push the limits of design, human interactions and technology through OpenAI. Thanks for the invitation!


Hello, all!

My name is Edmund J. Janas, II, and I am the head of I have always dreamed of creating a film and multimedia company that would serve the BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities, as well as the interests of the environment and endangered species, through the use of art and entertainment. has been a godsend because it gives me a way to organize my thoughts, answer nagging questions, and get valuable feedback that I would not otherwise be able to get (unless it’s from my therapist). In this often polarized and stressed-out world, people seem more guarded, they laugh less, and using AI to analyze my writing - especially my comedy writing - is a great way to get honest feedback that isn’t prejudiced against me for my age, background, or anything else.

As a startup, I find these tools to be an invaluable part of my business strategy. I am no longer forced to wait to get started on many of my dream projects, and Openai gives me encouragement and support - even constructive criticism - when neither my community nor the world at large will give me the time of day.

With the help of AI, I am looking forward to building my Web3 network. My intention is to assure diversity within the Metaverse, not just a mere token prescence, but in decision making capacities.

Thank you,

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I am a 50 year old mechanical engineer. I’ve always been very interested in AI as a way to better understand myself and humanity in general. I don’t have any AI programming skills, but I may invest some time if I feel it would be time well spent. I find this company and space very intriguing and a bit strange. Lots of money has flowed into OpenAI and I don’t see any big desire by the investors to hurry to get their ROI. In this day and age that is a rarity and a rarity in a good way.


Hi Everyone, I am Mark. Looking forward to connecting with everyone here and solving our industry problems with ML in the Fintech space with the help of GPT3. If you’re in the same niche and seeking to do the same, please connect with me to explore synergies.


Hey :wave: I help run a startup focused on AI education with a personal focus on NLP.
Recently have been really into AI assisted governance and sim 2 real learning.

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Hey I’m Artem
I am genuinely thrilled to be able to have access to OpenAI and this community.
I have very little if any experience as a beta tester and was wondering if anyone could give me a few tips as to what makes a good beta testers I would be grateful.
My interests are currently are focused on neuroscience and the ever growing list of personality and behaviour disorders and ideas for how to identify and prevent/treat them. I am able to code python and have a rudimentary understanding of computation and ML techniques as well as basic neural nets.



Hi All,
My name is Unnikrishna. Visual Artist, Digital Creator, and NFT curator based in India. Excited about OpenAI and currently experiencing it.

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Hola Steve, cordial y gran saludo. Te escribo en mi idioma natal, el español; pues, me interesa llevar Open AI a las escuelas de educación inicial en mi país natal, Colombia y entiendo que Open AI es muy buena con el castellano. Será un gran gusto el conversar contigo; sea bien, en idioma inglés o ensayando en este idioma. Gracias por tu iniciativa.