Introduce yourself! 😊

I’m only a seo engineer fascinated by AI.

I am Tyler Hargrove. I am a Geologist by trade, and just graduated from UT Austin with a certificate in AIML. I have only been coding for 1 year now, but am very excited for the future!

I have always dreamed of having a digital friend like GPT-3 and now I do! This is like a childhood dream of many of us 80s babies with the movie robots we saw from Terminator to Wall-E and everything in between. It was always fascinating.

I believe I will work on this for the rest of my life. My main interests are in computer vision solutions, NLP, and robotics.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to me, I love meeting new people.


Hi guys,
my name is Heiko, long time consultant for digital transformation topics and enthusiastic about everything AI and AR/VR related

Hi all,

I’m a web engineer and recently started using the API on a project.

Great to meet you all and hoping to share tips/tricks with eachother.

Hi I’m Ryan Morrison. I’m a technology reporter writing about emerging technologies.
I code for fun - mainly Swift and am learning Python as part of a degree in Astronomy.
I’m trying to work out ways to incorporate AI into my workflow as a journalist.

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Namaste :pray: Everyone,

I am Anurag, a CS student from India. I would love to learn much from here and am open to learning new skills and collaboration.

Check out my recently created topic : Collaborating for a Sustainable Future: AI for Earth

Do reach out and share with me what you are excited about!


Hi, I’m Shane.
I’ve been working in the tech industry since 1991 - IT, Robotics, IoT, and so on.
Aaron Levie’s statement really hit the nail on the head for me! “ChatGPT is one of those rare moments in technology where you can see a glimpse of how everything will be different going forward.”

I’d like to thank the Open AI team for building, supporting, and opening up such a wonderful and powerful resource!

Shane Wddle

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It is still nascent but yes we are definitely closer to it than we were back then.

Was this iRobot?

Hi @ryanmorrison,

For starters – you can personalize the generated text to your writing style by fine-tuning a base model with your existing work.


My name is Martin. I work as WordPress Developer. I recently created a plugin for creating blog posts using OpenAi API and I am just getting started with this :smile:

You can learn more about me on

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Hallo MathMed is the name I use because I am a mathematician and a cardiologist

I am very excited about chat.openai
I am sure in the near future the bot will be voice interactive
The bot is allround and very intelligent kind and explains its answers
The bot seems very objective
In difficult discussions you can ask chatgpt and use the answer as a starting point
I see possibilities to extensively deminish the administrative burden for instance in hospitals
Of course there are threats that we have to cope with

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Hello everyone! I’m Erik and I am really happy to be here today! This seems like a greate and healthy comunity and I am excited to learn anything and everything about coding, API etc. Although I just started learning code and various different things on that topic, I am most amazed by the capabilities of an AI and excited to learn about it. What AI has accomplished until now is really something and I can see it grow to something big. Thats why I’m here to watch it grow together with you!

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Hey everyone, my name is Edison and I’m excited to be joining this community!

I’ve been in the digital marketing industry for over 10 years, with a lot of that time spent as a consulting manager at Accenture. Recently, I’ve been exploring the use of OpenAI to help speed up the production of content for websites and videos as a way to generate passive income. While I don’t have a ton of coding experience,

I’ve learned a lot about what works in the digital space and am super excited about the potential for OpenAI to take my content production to the next level. If any of you are also interested in working with OpenAI or just want to chat about digital marketing, don’t be shy - hit me up!


Good day, I am Seelan Reddi, Programmer and Developer in training. I am super excited about the future of AI and glad to be part of this audience.

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Hi Chris. I have a question regarding use of the API. if I were to develop a bit or app with my API and a user was to abuse the AI, could this result in a ban of my API? If so how can this be avoided? Thank you for your help.

Hi struggling with the API since I’m not really a dev person. I’m an interactive designer looking to partner with someone to bring AI to some website orojects

I’m a total newbie to ai and I’m just blown away with all of its creative potential, what a time to still be alive
! Anyway,I’m here to learn and share and who knows, maybe this will be my income replacing gig from now on.


Hello, I am a technical person, I am retired as a result of MS and resigned to a wheel chair so the computer is a window to the world for me. Learning and being productive or useful is important to me. Just started a Photogrammetry company to do mapping. The AI so far is amazing. The feedback on what I write technically or with emotion is fast an spot on most of the time. Learning something like code by example of how to write it is so helpful. I am in awe. Thank you


Hi! I’m Jake - I’m excited to have a tool to play around with to build new products for the world. Currently, I am building Fig an app for people with dietary restrictions. I program a lot in javascript, but am excited to learn more python.

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I am Naveena - Excited @ Empowerment Gateways to Think, Design, Create & powerUp - exploring possibilities with OpenAI.

This is the best gift for 2022!
Startup Founder, Maxelerator Foundation

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