Introduce Webhooks for better sync performance


I am integrating fine tunes and I have set up a pool function to retrieve the status of my fine tunes. So I wait for fine_tuned_model to fill up and I look at the logs through the events field

So I send a lot of requests to check the state of a single fine-tunes. I would like to suggest you to set up Webhooks that allow to switch to “interruptible” mode.

When fine_tuned_model or events is updated then OpenAI sends a request to a URL defined in the administration interface.

This mode of operation is quite common, Stripe does it for example,


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Welcome to the community.

Consider using List fine-tune events endpoint.

Set the stream to true and events will be sent as data-only server-sent events as they become available.

So you won’t have to make multiple requests.

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Hi ! Thanks

Yes I have seen and use this feature. In fact I was thinking of something more generic like Stripe does with its webhooks.

The advantage is that you don’t have to maintain a connection and you can receive different kind of feedback.

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This has been depreciated, is there any solution for new fine tune api ? Like webhook or server side events to notify about the status of the fine tune job ?

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