Interview GPT-3 for Grammar Final Project


I am in the Teaching English to Speakers of a Second Language (TESOL) graduate program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). My professor has agreed to allow me to use an interview with GPT-3 instead of interviewing an ESL for my final project. I see the grammar correction and chat bot on the home page, but wondered if there is a better interface to use for what would be an interview about a specific research topic/agenda and not a chat?


**For this assignment you will analyze an English learner’s (EL’s) interlanguage, i.e., the current language system of an EL who has not yet achieved native-like proficiency. Your analysis should explain the degree to which the EL has mastered grammatical patterns and aspects of pronunciation. You must provide examples and use appropriate linguistic terminology. **


That’s a fascinating topic! I’m not quite sure what you’re asking though. Here is my interpretation:

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I have been asking Davinci questions taken from my grammar book and elsewhere. It seems like it knows which word order to use and it will respond based on what I think are the tokens . Just starting tho. I want to cross check the grammar tool. For example, Davinci knows Pinker’s ‘Bob six hours painted the house’ but sees six hours as a wrong verb. The grammar fixer changes it to the proper order.