Interface between OpenAI and DEX Regulatory Suite

DEX RS and ChatGPT

DEX Data Explorers launches a new version of DEX Regulatory Suite (DEX RS) with integration with ChatGPT.

DEX Regulatory Suite is DEX Data Explorer’s solution for regulatory reporting and Customer Due Diligence.
In the new version of DEX Regulatory Suite you can get extra information about the data you’re looking at using the OpenAI GPT-3 language model, which is also behind ChatGPT. As a user of DEX RS and DEX for CDD you can select any item in a report and get additional information generated by ChatGPT. Based on the information in the selected item ChatGPT generates an answer.


This way you can more insight in what’s behind the data in your reports.

How does it work?

The integration between DEX RS and ChatGPT is an optional feature. In order to be able to use this feature you will have to open account at OpenAI and enter a key provided by OpenAI in DEX RS.

When you click on an axiselement or cell in DEX Regulatory Suite, DEX RS will construct a question to ChatGTP using the names of axiselements and the value of the cell. ChatGTP will generate the answer using the asked question and the GTP-3 language generation model.

You have to keep thinking for yourself

We’ve added this optional feature in DEX Regulatory Suite because we think it can provide you with valuable background knowledge. Nevertheless, it’s always good to keep thinking for yourself. We are aware that the answers provided by ChatGPT sometimes are not correct. However, in the majority of cases ChatGPT provides you with background information that’s really useful and gives real added value. But, if you want to use ChatGPT’s information as a basis for decision making we advise you to always use another source to check the information provided.

Welcome to the community.

Are you sure you’re using the ChatGPT model? There’s not been an announcement about it yet. Are you maybe using text-davinci-003?

That’s indeed the text-davinci-003 model, but that’s a nuance most people will fail to see.