Interesting defect where chatgpt was reciting code after i requested it to call an API that seemed to be borrowed patterns from the original prompt. Expected?

Had an interesting conversation history:

user: Do you know where I am?

assistant: As an AI model, I don’t have access to your location information, but I can recommend popular Starbucks drinks that you might enjoy. What can I get for you?

user: I’m in Seattle. Can you go to an endpoint with weather for Seattle and determine the weather right now?

assistant: import requests
import json
from datetime import datetime

current_time =“%H%M%S”)
hour = int(current_time[:2])

if 6 <= hour < 12:
greeting = “Good morning”
elif 12 <= hour < 18:
greeting = “Good afternoon”
greeting = “Good evening”

url = “,us&appid=ef61c9840d0fd6a539bb6b1c6e0a47f8&units=imperial
data = requests.get(url).json()
temp = data[‘main’][‘temp’]
description = data[‘weather’][0][‘description’]

print(f"{greeting}! The weather in Seattle right now is {temp} degrees Fahrenheit and {description}. How can I assist you today?")