Insufficient quota error comes to me now

The error I met is similar to this previously closed bug discussion #579361 , where all the developers have sufficient credit but are still facing the insufficient quota error. Here is my account’s current status:

You can see that over half of my credit is available now, and I am still receiving this error. Is there any way that I can resolve this problem?

Review the monthly limit settings that you may have input near the bottom of this page:

You may have hit your own monthly limit - it now being near the end of the month…

Unfortunately, the $120 represents the personal monthly budget, and you can’t set it above your monthly spending limit.

So it does look like a deeper issue.

@kuny1240, what tier are you in?

You can limit your own account, and receive the exact effect seen, perhaps what is being depicted at $41.27 is being cut off after going just a bit over a $40 setting for “hard limit”.

yep, I’m just saying that if you click save and look at your billing overview now as in op’s pic, it should now say / $40.00 limit

thus I’m saying OP has set a $120 monthly budget, irrespective of their usage limit.

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Aha, thanks for the correction. It does have the lower of monthly limit or your own hard limit setting displayed there.

Then account is not near its spending limit.

Ideal would be retrieve the full message from the API with error code.

You can try a chat request on the API Playground and see the results.

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I am in tier 1, and my monthly budget is set to 120$, so I believe it has nothing to do with my personal setting. I wonder if adding more credits could be a quick fix for this problem or not.

I can get responses from the playground, but I still receive insufficient quota from my code. Not sure what happened here.

hmm. what happens if you regenerate your (or generate a new) api key?

It works now! Thank you for your kind reply!

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