Instructions for GPTs vs Custom instructions?

Can the former replace the latter?

For instance, I previously utilized ChatGPT with DALL-E 3 to generate illustrations. I specified the painting requirements (e.g. character design, artistic style, image size, output seeds and gen_id ) in the Custom Instructions.

This method worked really well, it greatly simplified the front-end input. However, Custom Instructions also has its own problem - you can only use one set of Custom Instructions at a time. For example, sometimes I need an artist, while other times I need a specialized programming aide. This is very annoying.

With the advent of GPTs, it seems I could put all the previous painting requirements into the GPT Instructions?

The question is that can GPTs’ Instructions fully supplant Custom Instructions? Or are you still using Custom Instructions?

It would be grateful if you could share some experiences.

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My experience is that GPTs cannot access ChatGPT’s custom Instructions informations and are completely unaware of them but you can GPTs in the same way as custom Instructions and with multiple instruction sets because you add more information using word or txt documents, pdf, etc to a GPT than to ChatGPT custom instructions using the GPTs “Upload Knowledge” feature and can specify the behaviour of the GPT in the “Instructions” section. With GPTs you can also show the AI to approach situations in ways that are very different than regular ChatGPT and this is something you may also want to explore.

Hope this helps!

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Is there an official statement from OpenAI weather GPTs instructions replace or amend general custom instructions in profile settings?

I can see reasons for both approaches, just want to know how it is set up now

I found a difference: GPTs cannot use plugins. For example, there is no way to use WebPilot / Wolfram in GPTs at the moment.

However, Custom instructions can be used in Plugin scenario.

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