Instruction Set / Doc for Creating Action in GPT Builder that Accesses Yahoo Finance

Following the instruction of the GPT Builder, I created a script that runs simple Python code to access yfinance (Yahoo Finance) for stock prices. It seems the environment will not run Python code. It seems one needs to set up an API to an external server to run Python to access data from yfinance.

I am just hoping someone can confirm for me that I need to set up the external server or if there is another way to accomplish this simply within the Actions environment.

I am happy to move onto doing that (and getting up that learning curve) if I must. But, if that is the case, I am not sure why to use GPT Builder. I mean, after getting up that learning curve it seems like one may as well move on to using Assistant in their own application.

Any insight you can provide would be very helpful. Thanks!

Yes you need an external Server.

The use case in my point of view of a Custom GPT is Marketing and showcasing your script.