Instruct-beta models w/ Answers endpoint-like behavior

I was curious if anyone had tried something similar/ knew if this was possible.

I’d like to do something similar to Answers, but instead of giving the Answers/ model questions, give it directives that require synthesis of multiple documents. For example, if we were looking at news stories about a topic as our documents: Summarize differences in how liberal and conservative pundits are discussion [topic].

This seems like it would work much better with the instruct-beta model series. Can that model be used with the Answers/ endpoint, or is the answers/ endpoint trained to expect the Q&A format, and would therefore struggle with this task?

Edit: I recognize you could rephrase the above as a question: “What are differences in how…” etc. However, the instruct-beta seems much more robust to complex and somewhat subject tasks. Perhaps that is a misconception from my limited testing. Additionally, the Q&A requires examples, and I’d prefer to leave quite a few tokens available to the model for completion and don’t feel I have enough tokens/space for both 2-3 good examples and a full completion of the tasks.