Insert Functionality Removed in Playground

Does anybody have their own Playground UI with the old insert functionality built into it?

I really loved using the brackets {} to have more granular control but it seems they removed insert on the playground.

The way that insertion worked was to use text-davinci-002 at the completions endpoint to make a normal completion, (completion, btw, is where AI continues writing possible text where you left off), but then an additional suffix prompt was provided for the text to put at the end of the response you get back (and pay for again).

You can read the simple “suffix” parameter as one alongsiide “prompt” in the completions API documentation: OpenAI Platform

The playground just made it so you didn’t have to split the text into two parts to fill in the middle. Since every use of this feature has quite a manual aspect of deciding where the AI’s natural language should be written, and you only get AI fill-in language, it didn’t have a bunch of practical use.