[insert] bug -- replaces prompt text with result text

The [insert] mode in the Playground seems bugged for me currently. Upon submitting the prompt with the [insert] tag, the prompt text body is replaced with the result text, and the [insert] tag is moved to the end of the prompt.

The following response was received from Hello [insert] world.

Apologies if this is the wrong subforum. Thanks — I appreciate any assistance you can offer!

Update: Actually, this seems to be a problem for Edit mode as well, so the issue is general to the two-pane editors in Playground.


I am having the same error, I reported it 3 days ago but it is still happening… Hopefully it can be fixed soon


I’m also experiencing this error,


ex1 = Try something like that [insert] using space and space.
ex2.response.choices[0].text… = ex1 - [insert]


“better [insert] world”

Edit: Just a reminder that Insert mode is in Beta and that even if this were a bug, the correct place should be Feedback - OpenAI API Community Forum or the support.

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