Incorporate Multiple Roles into Custom Instructions for ChatGPT

The custom instructions for ChatGPT are quite impressive, but their utility could be enhanced if they allowed for multiple roles. For instance, my work alternates between being a software developer and a local government consultant specializing in health law and public policy. The knowledge required for each role is significantly different. Thus, my proposal is to introduce the capability to create an unlimited number of roles and select the appropriate one for any given task.

This enhancement should be incorporated into the API as promptly as possible.


Yeah, I thought this was the whole point of the ChatGPT instructions, to be able to have multiple roles.
But looks like not.

Not sure what do you really mean by having this in the API, you already have access to system message in the API, just have to send it every time.
Wouldnt make sense to me to store it for the API. Its gonna be still using tokens.
Its up on the software thats built using the API on how to handle this.

Its not actually any new functionality at all for the GPT. Just a software like chatGPT which is using API has implemented some way of handling Instructions / system message and giving you access to change it. Which is something that anyone using the API can do in their own app.

Thank you for your reply.

Indeed, the capability to implement this feature within our current API does exist. However, it necessitates the utilization of some tokens, leading to an increase in the overall execution cost. If the role could be segregated as a costless element, it would be more advantageous for us.