Inactive Team Account - Unable to Access with Paid Subscription

Hello chatGPT Community,

I’m reaching out for assistance with my paid team account, which is currently showing as inactive. Despite having a subscription with 6 user seats, I’m unable to access the team account and the status remains inactive.

I’ve attempted to contact the support team via:

  • Email: Sent multiple emails, but no response since June 25th (payment date)
  • Live Chat: Reached out several times, but no response
  • Account Status Page: Continuously checking, but no update

It’s been over two weeks since my payment, and I’m concerned that I’m unable to access the team account. Unfortunately, I haven’t received a response from the support team despite my repeated attempts. I’m hoping someone in the community can offer guidance or assistance in resolving this issue.

If anyone has experienced a similar issue or knows of a solution, please share your insights. I appreciate your help in getting my team account up and running again.

Thank you!

Why chatgpt not maintaining proper support team, they are not giving replay since last 2 weeks