Improvement suggestion for rating feedback, allow correcting misclicks on thumbs up and down

Allow users to correct a mistaken click or tap if they picked the wrong thumbs up or thumbs down. I’ve just hit the wrong thumb for just about the fifth time now and rated a response as bad when it was actually exceedingly good. The icons are very small compared to other social media thumbs and on my phone it’s even worse. As soon as I pressed it I hit the x but there’s no way to change your response even if you don’t close the window immediately.

How much bad data are they getting from these mistakes? Of all the feedback I’ve given it’s got to be at least 5% bad data from me from the damn misclicks. That’s a pretty bad rate. They should be allowing corrections for misclicks.


And I can already see people bringing up potential problems with this, such as it being a problem for open AI to be constantly accepting corrections for old data and allowing users to change their minds later and stuff like that, but really all you have to do is allow the user a couple of seconds to select the other thumb in the window that comes up. I know that if you hit the thumbs down button it starts regenerating the answer to ask the user if it’s better, but I’m sure not much electricity would be used on a quick correction after only literally a second or two has passed. Plus this would save electricity; It would have cancelled the regenerated answer for me when I didn’t need it because I actually meant to hit the thumbs up rather than the thumbs down.

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