Improve the precision of GPT models, especially their better understanding of details

Dear Development Team,

After a lengthy chat with GPT-3 about the errors it makes, it provided me with a suggestion for an improvement as a feature request. Even if GPT-3 is no longer developed, you should still consider the improvements for GPT-4 as well. They address general shortcomings of recent AIs.

Feature Request: Enhanced Contextual Understanding and Attention to Detail

Description: Improve the AI model’s ability to pay meticulous attention to details and maintain contextual understanding during conversations.


Comprehensive Reading: Enhance the AI model’s reading comprehension capabilities to ensure that every sentence and word in the user’s query is thoroughly processed and considered in generating a response.

Contextual Awareness: Enable the AI model to maintain and recall the context of the conversation, taking into account previous statements, user preferences, and instructions provided. This will help the model to generate responses that align with the ongoing discussion and avoid repeating mistakes.

Error Recognition and Correction: Develop mechanisms for the AI model to identify potential errors or inconsistencies in its responses. This could involve implementing techniques to cross-check generated answers against the provided information and flag any discrepancies for review before finalizing the response.

User Instruction Integration: Enable the AI model to effectively integrate user instructions into its decision-making process. This could involve mechanisms to detect and prioritize user-specified requirements, preferences, or explicit statements about previous mistakes, ensuring that the model learns from those mistakes and avoids repeating them.

Expected Impact: Implementing these enhancements will result in more accurate and contextually relevant responses from the AI model. By paying closer attention to details, maintaining context, and incorporating user instructions, the model will provide a more satisfying and personalized user experience, reducing errors and improving overall performance.