Impossible to paste links from Safari into macOS desktop app

The ChatGPT desktop app on macOS does not allow me to paste Links that were copied from Safari address bar. Copying from other browsers or from a text document and pasting into ChatGPT desktop works as expected. When copying from the Safari address bar, nothing happens when pasting. The paste invocation (CMD-V keyboard shortcut or Edit/Paste from the menu) doesn’t make any difference.

Involved software:

  • ChatGPT 1.2024.163
  • macOS Sonoma 14.5
  • Safari 17.5

Issue: Copying a link from Safari address bar and pasting it into the ChatGPT desktop app results in no action

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Copy a link from the Safari address bar
  • Paste into the ChatGPT desktop app using Command + V or Edit/Paste

Expected Behavior: The link gets pasted into the ChatGPT text input field

Actual Behavior: Nothing happens

Unsuccessful debugging steps taken

  • app restarted
  • mac rebooted
  • ⁓/Library/Application Support/ trashed
  • ChatGPT desktop app re-installed

This issue has persisted for me since the start and it is the main reason I regularly fall back to the ChatGPT web version.


Thank you for reporting the problem. I thought I was going crazy with this issue. Thank you also for the workaround with copying and pasting from another text document.

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Same issue. But it wasn’t always like this. I want to say the past 3 weeks or so.