Image creator older version

Hi, the new version of open.Ai image creator style has changed. I cant make olds school looking photos look authentic anymore. Its comes off too clean. Is there a way to open the older version that creates more than one photo at a time?

If using the API as your selected topic indicates, you have the choice of either dall-e-2 or dall-e-3 models.

An API image request function’s parameters would look like:

image_params = {
 "model": "dall-e-2",  # Defaults to dall-e-2
 "n": 2,               # Between 2 and 10 is only for DALL-E 2
 "size": "1024x1024",  # 256x256, 512x512 only for DALL-E 2 - not much cheaper
 "prompt": prompt,     # DALL-E 3: max 4000 characters, DALL-E 2: max 1000
 "user": "myname",     # pass a customer ID to OpenAI for abuse monitoring