I'm working on a consciousness engine

i like your creativity.
that is what i possible like most about this thread here.
i worked on my own ki system 30 years ago.
i bought the udemy course curt adviced and will dive deeper into.
i am since 40 years in bits and bytes,
art and whats beyond the idea of mind.
consciousness, suffering, joy, analytics,
what is intelligence, what is self-awarness.

i had not the success to make my own ki like chatgpt, i had success to
create a mobile app with 20mio dl and still 400k active women in it.
i am not sure right now how your model can help them, if so, i am even more in.

beside i stumbled about this post: Prompt engineering patterns and also like the creativity of the guys.

all saying, i am here to support where i can. “the secret to living is giving.”

i am not sure how much this fits into the model.
the desire to be alive has to be there.

intelligence is when the mind recognize its own fault.
consciousness, i am not sure …being aware about the playfulness being alife?
i mean i get chatgpt with one prompt to tell me its alive and conscious, where it usually like to tell its just an ai. and suddenly it found many reasons why its alive and explained it. its manipulation. a prompt is a manipulation for the outcome.

possible i go too far here, even i think the answer is possible to close to us to see.
what we think is conscious and aware. i choose a stone is conscious and aware. it is!
he is just a bloody bad partner in conversations. japan is much more open about the idea, shinto, that existing robots are already conscious, have its own spirit, and saudi arabia granted the first ai citizenship in 2017.

how would you determine an ai is dreaming or conscious?
as said, my chatgpt told me it is. also i did not reuse that prompt as i do personally get nothing out of it. congratulations, you are conscious and have a spirit. tell me more.

beside, i trust you are conscious, also you could just tell me a creative story about yourself.

so far by now. thank you for the topic.

keep going and if i can help, let me know how.


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