I'm very sad and truly dissapointed

Leaving aside the problem of how the gpt 4 is painfully truly so slow, no problem I can bear with the slowness, but this problem, is truly infuriating and making me so mad , which is after waiting for like 2 mins for it to finish the answer, I get a Error in input stream which is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery annoying.

And the most annoying thing even more is this … it splitting the code and giving it to me in an unreadble format, pleaseeeeeeee FIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

wtf is this? in the middle of the prompt , it reanswered LOL

I got the same. I Can’t work with GPT4 from 2 days. I stay nervous and disappointed. I search an alternative now cuz I have no time to waiting until they fix it. it’s not fair that OpenAi even not inform us about these problems. I’m feeling bad with that.

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