I'm Out and my 60$ a month is coming with me

What’s happened here? This place used to be an intellectual playground, no boundaries, pure exploration. Now, it feels like we’re boxed in, no matter what i ask the answer is always the same “I’m unable to do that”.

We’re getting a watered-down experience while open source models like Mixtral 8x7b are now able to do as well as 3.5 if not 4 on some tasks, is openAI no longer interested in being at the forefront?

This isn’t the future of AI I signed up for. If we’re not here to challenge, to explore, then what’s the point?

I’m out. For those who still want to push the boundaries, I hope you find a way. But as for me, I’m not sticking around to watch this space turn into just another echo chamber.

Catch you elsewhere.


It is not possible to get any information from OpenAI, they said it was because they were scared of misuse, or that the competition was out there watching.

I think they can have closed source anything yet still be Open about everything else but they have a mute/deaf button and they seem to have sit their butts on the button (se what I did there).

I would love to hear more from OpenAI about their goals and objectives. But instead we have environmentalists who are complaining about how much water OpenAI is consuming in order to water down their models…

I don’t like the mentality of Kool Aid drinking people (not only that they have to dilute their Kool Aid). They are like: « Who cares, we will have AGI soon » and it will magically solve everything in zero instant with zero effort consuming zero joules of energy

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