Illegal charges, theft from my account, chatgpt fraud

I have been charged twice on the same day from my bank account for a pro account. I NEVER signed up for a pro account. I NEVER provided my banking information. I NEVER authorized this platform to STEAL my money. Moreover, I’m not even receiving the pro account they stole the money for! This is THEFT and FRAUD!

There is NO help through the platform’s chat or help desk. I am beyond pissed off that this company has stolen from me and I have no clue how they obtained my banking information!

a very pissed off ‘former’ user

I’ve already TRIED the help section and I can’t unsubscribe to something I never subscribed to!

How the hell did they get my banking information without my knowledge or consent???

Not affiliated with OpenAI, but if you never provided payment information to them, then contact your bank to report fraudulent charges. Mostly likely explanation is your credit card number is compromised and someone else used it to purchase a subscription.

That’s what I don’t understand is I never provided any of my banking info to them whatsoever and even used an unassociated email address for this platform. I don’t understand how they got my information. The payment details literally says CHATGPT SUBSCI

I also haven’t used the card that was used in a very long time, so not sure how this is possible…

Then someone else has your info and used it without authorization which means you need to report it to your bank as fraud.

And now all of my comments on this platform are being removed. I guess they don’t want people knowing that they’re being scammed on here…

They’re getting flagged by the community because they’re posted in irrelevant discussion threads.

What scam do you think is happening? ChatGPT hacked you and stole your card? Regardless the process is the same: report the unauthorized charge to your bank and see if they can refund it