Ideology versus Information

As a professor of social science, I was surprised when GPT refused to give an answer regarding gender differences. Instead, I received the following, “It is important to note that making generalizations based on gender is not accurate or fair.” I would agree that making comparisons based on averages is sloppy and may be interpreted incorrectly.

To assert, however, that asking about gender differences is “not fair” caught me by surprise. Decades of scientific research indicate that there are biological, social, and cultural differences that influence the behavior of men and women differently. To state that such a line of inquiry is “not fair” is to assume questionable intentions on the part of the person asking.

My suggestion: employ a design that shows multiple perspectives with caveats, which would be a good-faith approach to addressing difficult questions. Shutting down the discussion (“not accurate or fair”) may lead to even more harmful stereotypes. In short, please consider prioritizing nuanced discussion over ideological censorship.

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