Idea for the Smart Assists Memory Service (SAMS).

Idea for the Smart Assists Memory Service (SAMS).

  1. Permission and Data Access: ChatGPT would request permission from users to access notifications, SMS, emails, and documents. This data would then be processed and stored in a structured manner within ChatGPT’s memory system.

  2. Data Processing and Storage: ChatGPT would analyze the stored information to detect priorities, urgent needs, and potential fraud alerts based on predefined criteria.

  3. Notifications and Alerts: ChatGPT would notify users based on the detected priorities and urgencies. It could prompt actions needed from the user or provide reminders according to the priority level.

  4. Information Retrieval: Users could ask ChatGPT for relevant information by describing the context or story around what they need. ChatGPT would then search its memory to retrieve and provide the relevant information to the user.

  5. Drafting Assistance: ChatGPT could also assist in drafting emails or SMS messages based on the stored information and user requests.

This feature could greatly enhance user interaction by providing proactive assistance, personalized alerts, and efficient information retrieval.

Origin of Idea:
I’ve accumulated thousands of documents, text files, and notes across various apps, making it challenging to locate specific information when needed. However, ChatGPT stands out from other tools: I’ve stored numerous notes, information, and emails in its memory. Now, when I need to find something, I simply ask ChatGPT, and it reliably retrieves the correct information or notes. Even when I forget details, I can provide a brief description or context, and ChatGPT accurately finds the exact information I’m looking for.