I'd be a paying customer, if I could change my phone number

This is what is dumb about OpenAI.

You can’t change your phone number without losing all your chats.

If you could, I’d be paying to use the tool.

So dumb.

So infuriating.

Uhm, you know you can export your chat data right? Also, your chats are linked to your account, not necessarily the phone number. I don’t know what’s brought you to this conclusion. You should be able to access your phone chats via the web interface so long as you log into the same account. Deleting the phone app, or changing the number should not affect the data on your account.

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I don’t want to export my data. I want it in the side panel, with my phone number, not someone else’s number that used to be mine.

You can not change the phone number on your account.