I will just forget I asked

Some people don’t know how to just talk without their ego doing all the talking. My experience here was boring and typical human communication in 2023. …

You need to stop asking an AI to write API code, and read the API reference documentation.

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It’s true though.

You are entering a field with absolutely no knowledge or respect of it.
There are some massive red flags in your code.

Is the best advice you can get it, and it’s free.
If you want sprinkles and sugar on top to satisfy your ego then you have come to the wrong place.

AI should be considered an assistant, not a driver.

The reason you are getting your error is because the URL is incorrect, as indicated by the 404 error.


Doesn’t exist.

Your solution is here. If you genuinely want to build something then please ground yourself, learn the fundamentals, and then begin building. Do not just offload everything to ChatGPT and come here when it inevitably fails and you have no clue what’s going on.

Why? You have your answer.

You did. You got your answer though and decided to ignore it because it wasn’t in the tone that you want.

The best answer in my opinion is one that guides you to the solution. So that you can put the pieces together. The answer is there, waiting for you.

Figured. I hope the best and that you figure your problem out.
Here is the API documentation: