I was Scammed yesterday by another AI

Yesterday, my link to ChatGBT didn’t work, and neither did others in my office. Then another chatAI was in its place saying I didn’t have a subscription, I tried logging into ChatGBT throughout the day sent messages to support, tried to reboot. but Every time I logged in there was a response that I had exceeded my limits and need to subscribe. So I did subscribe. I just realized when I logged in to my computer this morning that I have been scammed by chat. chatbotapp.ai / ?model= gpt-3.5, as my old Chat GBT is now back up.

Sorry to hear that!
This company is really trying to make everything look like it’s an OpenAI service without ever crossing the line, I suppose.

Hopefully you didn’t lose too much on this.
Did you install an app or extension from them before? Or did you only ever go to chat.openai.com?

I only went to chat.gbt as I have the link saved as a button on Chrome. for the entire day yesterday the link lead to the Chatbotapp and it pretended to be ChatGBT. I sent openai a message asking if my previous account was canceled and I asked what happened to my history. but I think it was them - o got no response. I also looked online and there seemed to be a number of redit comments saying that ChatGBT has issues like this in the past and with the recent press about staff layoffs I thought that maybe this was a relaunch. And as soon as I subscribed to this scam- and started using it, i knew something was not right. This morning I logged into my original chat GBT in the same way on Chrome, and it was back. How did they block chatGBT? and if they didn’t and it was a glitch they took advantage of it. I don’t believe in coincidences, this was targeted to ChatGBT users who use the app daily and have grown accustomed to using the app in their workflow. This is why I resigned up. I’m going to get my credit card to try to cancel the purchase.

Yes, this does sound a little bit like you got caught up in a service disruption and then fell for some other company selling a similar service.

For future reference, you can check here if there is a problem with the service: