I want to create a domain-specific chatbot

… so how do I feed GPT-3 the domain-specific content and then train GPT-3?

You’d need to request access to fine-tuning but AFAIK that is reserved for large organizations. I have had some success using the Answers endpoint.


Thank you, Dave. Have you looked into the pricing at all? Are there any ballpark figures that you’re aware of?

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Currently, we only have a minimal capacity for supporting fine-tuning projects.

We’re working on building a self-serve fine-tuning endpoint to make this accessible for all users, but we can’t offer any concrete timelines.


The information you provided is not sufficient for answering the question. What is the concrete use case? Is it Q&A? I believe there are ways how you can give a Q&A chatbot for a given domain without fine-tuning thanks to a dedicated question-answering endpoint (OpenAI API)