I use to have a better answers but lately got inaccurate response from chat gpt and now i cant upgrade to chat gpt-4

why can’t I upgrade to gpt-4? last week I got better response from chat gpt but since yesterday all the replies are wrong

OpenAI was experiencing issues where they had to curtail new signups to the service, as well as reduce the rate limit for use of GPT-4 within ChatGPT Plus.

This likely came about because of the increased interest in the new product “GPT” - and the significant increase in computation and looping iterations these could attempt before answering a simple question.

There have been many concerns such as yours about the quality of responses going down in days (again, if that can be believed) on other social media, with GPT-4 not being spared the criticism. One can imagine with other concerns about resources, there are other safety plugs that can be pulled out of the brains of AI models to keep the service operational.

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